EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP are not colour accurate.

The SE & SP Desktop Scanners come with monochrome cameras and capture colour by projecting red, green and blue frames onto the subject. As a reference this is good enough, but often doesn’t result in photo-realistic textures required for use cases other than engineering, such as video game or VR/AR asset creation, cultural heritage and archaeology.
To scan and reproduce colours accurately we recommended to purchase the EinScan Discovery Pack.

EinScan Discovery Pack

It adopts the color restoration technology of Ultra-FineTM Hardware ISP video processing engine, to capture a brilliant spectrum of colors and high-fidelity textures, allowing users to get the high accuracy and high resolution 3D data in vibrant color and rich details. It is ideal for virtual reality, online shopping (eCommerce) virtual display, online museum, 3D exhibition and more.

  • 24-bit true-colour display
  • 12.0 Megapixel colour texture
  • High resolution 3D data; for better and richer scanning details
  • Scan data resolution reaches up to 3.0 Megapixel per single scan
  • Increases scanning accuracy of objects with flat or smooth surfaces

Recommended Applications:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Online Museum
  • Online Shopping(eCommerce) Virtual Display
  • 3D Exhibition

Sold without tripod!

SE-Users please be aware that you will need a tripod to operate the Discovery Pack successfully. EinScan-SP version includes a tripod which can be used for the discovery pack.