At MedScan3D we specialise in printing highly accurate patient-specific 3D anatomical models from CT, MRI and CBCT scans and placing real anatomy in the hands of healthcare professionals and research engineers.

Applications include:

    • Surgical planning
    • Medical device R&D
    • Medical device testing
    • Education

Segment patient specific data

CAD Design work to merge to simulation model

3D printed prototype

Casting for silicone model

At MedScan3D we can take the patient specific anatomy and merge it with your current CAD assemblies so that the final printed model can be used on your specific testing simulation rigs.

At MedScan3D we can convert 3D digital scans into 3D printed anatomical models. The printing technology can print multi-colour, multi-texture, multi-material models all in a single print. We also provide a customised silicone casting service allowing you to design the models for your specific needs – combining the CT/MRI data, CAD assemblies or drawings. These models can be adjusted to suit your simulation models for substituting and ongoing testing.

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