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Prep. Print. Manage. Scale.

Produce parts on-demand and at the point of need with the first connected, secure additive manufacturing platform.

Simulation takes the guesswork out of 3D printing

From design to part — easily and quickly

Eiger is an integrated, connected platform designed to take you from CAD to functional part quickly. The browser-based 3D printing software workflows are secure, fast, and intuitive.

Print with fibers, composites, and metals

Eiger, our 3D printing software, enables you to slice and print composite parts reinforced with continuous fibers and metals. You can prep parts for printing with a single click, or drill deeply into part settings to optimize your final product.

Interact seamlessly with printers

Eiger software fully integrates with all Markforged 3D printers, enabling you to create builds, print parts, and monitor prints in a seamless workflow.

Customize support placement

Eiger makes it easy to automatically generate supports that are optimized for most parts. Using Support Overrides, you can choose where to place supports to avoid internal channels, small overhangs, or threading or to provide extra support.

Validate part strength and optimize print parameters with Simulation

Incorporating 3D printing into tooling and end use applications requires total confidence in part strength. Traditionally, this required lengthy design-print-break testing cycles or costly analysis software. Simulation takes the guesswork out of 3D printing by integrating virtual testing and time/cost optimization into our familiar slice and print workflow.

Store and access parts effortlessly

A secure part library enables you to dynamically manage engineering projects of any size — complete with versioning. Eiger part files are securely stored and can be versioned, edited, and printed anywhere.

Manage projects with simple organizational features

Organize and bucket your parts in an intuitive, simple way with folders. Organize parts and projects alphabetically, by create date, or by edit date.

Find the right part every time

Easy-to-use filters sort parts by part name, material, or user — enabling you to quickly find the part you need when you need it.

Drive fleet wide success with real time monitoring

A single place to manage your printer fleet in real time, whether in one spot or worldwide. Benefit from automatic updates while getting analytics, usage data, and live telemetry in a single place.

Monitor devices in real time

Eiger empowers you to monitor any connected device in your organization from anywhere in the world. Get real time updates on critical project progress as it happens.

Customer success, built in

Eiger 3D printing software updates automatically push to your organization, unlocking new features and continuously improving printer performance. Support is fully integrated into the software experience and is directly accessible from both part and printer pages.

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