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Face Visor

MedScan3D is the exclusive Irish manufacturer of our clinically approved Markforged designed face shields which have proved particularly popular amongst frontline workers. 

Manufactured from engineering grade nylon for greater comfort and durability, the brims are also autoclavable and reusable, reducing waste for organisations including dental clinics, GP clinics, skin care providers and retailers.

Fits Poly Sheet for shielding of thickness 0.5mm.

Open source designs from Prusa and 3D Systems also available.

Construction Face Visor

Our Construction Face Visor is ideal for construction workers as building sites begin to re-open. The visor is designed to attach to a standard building hard hat, providing valuable protection against contracting Covid-19.

This particular face visor is also suitable for non hard hat applications outside of the construction industry including supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and factories.

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Venturi Nozzle

Ventilator connection.
Approximate overall dimensions – 98 x 32 x 26 mm

Off The Shelf Items

We can print off the shelf items like connectors and other parts that might be required.

Markforged Assembled Face Visors
Venturi Nozzle and Facemask
Markforged Face Guard Print
Markforged Visor Guards

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