AMBI Safe products are 3D printed in an antimicrobial material which contains nano-copper ions proven to resist 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi and self-sterilises on an expedited time span. From the front door to the office to the bathroom we have the products to ensure the safety of your staff, clients and visitors.

Pick from our assorted Bundles for increased discounts or select specific products to ensure your safety is the top priority.

Antimicrobial Self Sterilising Face Shield

Available in both general PLA and Antimicrobial variants, we have you covered for the best designs available for our Face Shield ranges.

AMBI Handle – “Get a Handle on your Health!”

Easy to attach handle covers to protect your business from opening to close.

Custom AMBI

We try to cover all available sizing for our products, but if you have a specific measurement or design not listed, apply for a custom AMBI product.

Please visit us at to find out more and browse our products and news!

Venturi Nozzle

Ventilator connection.
Approximate overall dimensions – 98 x 32 x 26 mm

Off The Shelf Items

We can print off the shelf items like connectors and other parts that might be required.

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